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Natalise Kalea

I'm a songwriter and singer in the band Natalisethe Sunset Run. A few years ago, I started to receive more than a few messages on Facebook from listeners, followers, and friends asking for advice about love and relationships. On a whim, I decided to start a "modern love" blog to address issues a lot of us face in today's dating world.

The truth is -- I'm not a happily married 80-year-old with a lifetime of experience. But, like you, I've had meaningful, amazing relationships, but I've also made dumb mistakes and have experienced a few heartbreaks. Along the way, I've spent a lot of time thinking, writing, and singing about modern day love.

If you have a question about your relationship, feel free to send it our way. I'll try my best to give you a data point that might be helpful.

xo, Natalise

p.s. You can find, fan, like, follow, and keep up with me via the links below! Look forward to chatting. x

Contributing Writers

Jess Furman

Jess Furman is head creative consultant and producer/writer of Sound Revolver and Sonic Charm Studios, based in Hollywood, California. Her creative work has appeared on various TV shows and in numerous films. As a consultant, Jess has project managed films such as the #1 iTunes documentary HAPPY, in addition to business managing networks such as TradioV. You can also find her hosting "Hollywood Musicland," which streams every Monday on TradioV.

After numerous love affairs spanning several continents, New York transplant Jess Furman is currently living, working and dating in Los Angeles.

Fitz Carlile

When it comes to LOVE, Fitz Carlile is a wellspring for wisecrackery, with three parts off-the-wall, two parts foolish, and a dash of daft for good measure. Cupid's arrow might never find its target if Fitz is giving advice on where to aim, but his penchant for pleasantness and simpatico for sprightliness will have you feeling better about your romantic impediments quicker than you can whisper into your lover’s ear those three little words that matter most - 'Loan Me Twenty.'

Fitz is a Professional Photographer specializing in commercial advertising, lifestyle, weddings, and environmental portraiture. He is also a serial entrepreneur who owns a boutique web agency, cold press juice store, and a sport nutrition business.

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